Are Digital Devices Affecting Your Eye Health?

Posted by: Cobb Eye Center in Eye Health on September 12, 2023

Are Digital Devices Affecting Your Eye Health?

Have you ever considered how we managed our daily lives before having tablets or smartphones? These electronic devices, including laptops, command our attention during work, relaxation, and play. A study released by Deloitte found that Americans collectively check their smartphones upwards of 8 billion times per day. According to Deloitte, Americans across all age groups check… Read More

What Are The Makings of the Human Eye?

Posted by: Cobb Eye Center in Eye Health on August 1, 2023

what are the makings of the human eye

Did you know that the human eye is a marvelous engineering feature? The human eye is one complex organ we should not take for granted. The miracle of seeing the beautiful world around you is the greatest gift we have as individuals. The uniqueness of these mysterious organs is why eyes make all magical experiences… Read More

July Is Dry Eye Awareness Month

Posted by: Cobb Eye Center in Eye Health on July 6, 2023

july is dry eye awareness month

In 2005, the Sjögren’s Foundation asked Congress to officially declare July “Dry Eye Awareness Month” to help increase dry eye awareness while educating people about the symptoms and treatment options for dry eye, and the Prevent Blindness organization also declared July as Dry Eye Awareness Month. We want to join the foundations to bring awareness… Read More

July Is UV Safety Awareness Month

Posted by: Cobb Eye Center in Eye Health on June 27, 2023

july is uv safety awareness month

Summer has finally arrived, and the sun is brightly shining with warm temperatures. It is a perfect time to share sun-smart awareness during UV Safety Awareness Month. Before you enjoy fun in the sun, either on vacation or relaxing in your backyard, here are some Sun Smart UV Safety Tips from the American Academy of… Read More

Why Are Eyebrows and Eyelashes Important?

Posted by: Cobb Eye Center in Eye Health on June 20, 2023

why are eyebrows and eyelashes important?

Isn’t it interesting that a study completed by MIT stated that it would be hard to recognize you if you did not have your eyebrows!? Our eyebrows and eyelashes frame our faces, but they don’t just exist for our beauty. They also serve as protection, help us express emotion, and are our eye’s first line… Read More

What You Need To Know About Retinal Detachment

Posted by: Cobb Eye Center in Eye Health on June 13, 2023

what you need to know about retinal detachment

What Is a Detached Retina? According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, a detached retina is when the retina lifts away from the back of the eye like wallpaper peeling off the wall. What Causes a Detached Retina? Many things can cause a detached retina, and your eye doctor can inform you if you are more… Read More

June Is Cataract Awareness Month

Posted by: Cobb Eye Center in Eye Health on May 31, 2023

Are Your Cataracts Impacting Your Daily Activities?

Prevent Blindness has declared June as Cataract Awareness Month to raise cataract awareness and educate patients about one of the leading causes of treatable vision loss in the United States. According to Prevent Blindness, over 25 million Americans will develop cataracts. As the population in America ages, the number of cataract cases will likely increase… Read More

Are You Celebrating With Fireworks This Memorial Day?

Posted by: Cobb Eye Center in Eye Health on May 16, 2023

firework safety tips to prevent eye injuries

Did you know that fireworks cause 2,000 eye injuries every year? According to a study published in JAMA Ophthalmology, during the 19-year study period, fireworks caused more than 34,000 ocular injuries, and the most common injury was an ocular burn. We are on the heels of Memorial Day as the first holiday to start the upcoming summer… Read More

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