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Common refractive errors can be incredibly disruptive to your life. There are permanent options to treat them like LASIK and other procedures.

But, permanent vision correction is not an option for many people for various reasons. Candidacy requirements, cost, time, and other factors may block you from correcting your vision.

Luckily, glasses and contact lenses are reliable methods of correcting your vision. The experts at Cobb Eye Center can help you find the ideal set of glasses or contacts. We’ll help you look and feel great as you go throughout your day!

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Where Should You Get Your Glasses?

When getting new glasses or contacts, you want to work with a skilled optical department. Make sure they can provide you with the latest technology and styles as you choose your eyewear.

You may want to consider some new options on the market, including progressive lenses, lightweight lenses, color tinting, and more. These options look great and give you the best in eyewear technology and capability.

What Eyeglass Frame Brands Are Available?

Here at Cobb Eye Center, we carry frames from:

  • Jimmy Choo
  • Silhouette
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Vera Bradley
  • Lafont
  • Rec Specs

These options can help you if you’re looking for a simple pair of frames to match everything or a unique, high-end option. If budget is more of a concern, we also carry budget frames. They look great and are affordable without sacrificing quality.

Are Glasses or Contacts Best For You?

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There are pros and cons to both glasses and contacts. If you wear glasses, you can enjoy the freedom of slipping them on and off whenever you like.

They don’t require extensive hygienic care or maintenance, they’re affordable, and they don’t have any side effects. But glasses can get in your way when playing sports or being active. In certain situations, they can easily get damaged, lost, or forgotten. 

Contacts are a good fit for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. They won’t break, restrict your movement, or fall off like glasses.

They allow you to wear non-prescription glasses or eye makeup and still see clearly. However, contacts require more work and upkeep than glasses.

They also carry a higher risk of infection than glasses do, and they tend to be more expensive. Your optician can help you decide whether glasses or contacts are best for your lifestyle and vision needs. 

How Are Contact Lenses Fitted?

Contact lens fittings include diagnostic lenses, two follow-up visits, and a care kit. This whole process helps to ensure you feel equipped to care for your new lenses.

There are many types and styles of contacts available. Options include:

  • Single vision
  • Toric models
  • Bifocal lenses
  • Progressive lenses
  • Monovision lenses

We also offer gas-permeable and colored soft lenses. In our optical department, you’ll find the latest in contact lenses to fit your specific needs.

How Much Do Glasses or Contacts Cost?

The cost of your glasses or contacts varies depending on a few factors. Your prescription, the brand or type of lenses, and your insurance all factor into the cost.

Here at Cobb Eye Center, we have a wide range of options. You’ll be able to find something that works with your budget.

Need a new prescription or want to change your look? Schedule an appointment at Cobb Eye Center’s optical department in Dallas, GA. We’ll help you get the best style and vision for your eyes!

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